Creating a Character

Step 1) Write a back story for your character. The length is up to you, but you should answer the questions of where the character is from, how old they are and when they first encountered the supernatural (“never” is an option). Add any details you think will be pertinent to the game.

Step 2) Consult the Character Creation Rules in the GMC rules update. These are summarized at the bottom of the character sheet.

How-to video

Step 3) Download my modified character sheet.
This sheet is a modified version of one by MrGone.

Step 4) Create your character according to GMC guidelines (excluding integrity). You have an extra 35 experience points to spend. You may spend three merit points for psychic powers. These must be explained in your back story.

Choose powers from this list (each 0 is a dot or level):

Clairvoyance (000), Postcognition (000), Psychometry (000), Automatic Writing (00), Channeling (000), Ghost-Calling (000), Animal Empathy (00), Animal Rapport (000), Aura Reading (00), Mind Reading (000), Ghost Ally (000), Lucid Dreamer (0), Psychic Resistance (0 to 000), Doubting Thomas (0).

Doubting Thomas precludes other psychic abilities and Animal Rapport requires Animal Ken 00.

Step 5) Set your Reason to 10. Because this is a eldritch horror type of game, we won’t be using the standard integrity system. Instead we will be using the Reason and Sanity systems from the Mirrors sourcebook. What that means is that you have a Reason stat instead of Integrity and the added stat of Insanity. You also have the option to learn Forbidden Lore during the game.

You start with a Reason score of 10. During the game, there are two ways to lose Reason. The first is by acquiring Forbidden Lore. The second is by filling your Insanity stat. Losing Reason has certain penalties, including an impact on social ability. You also must make a derangement roll each time you lose Reason (see the Morality rules for an explanation). You gain Insanity by using Forbidden Lore.

This is a horror game, specifically an eldritch horror or Lovecraftian game. This means, among other things, that your character is not a hero. Even in a game like Dungeons and Dragons, character death is possible. In a horror game, the characters are more vulnerable. This doesn’t mean every character will die, although that is a possibility. What I’m getting at is failure is par for the course. Don’t expect to defeat the villain and save the day. Just play your characters. Your character’s goal may be to defeat the villain, but if he fails in that attempt, it is just as valid a story. Some people prepare a backup character.

Creating a Character

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